JASON LAPENE – Atlanta’s Premier Real Estate Agent

Ever wish you had a friend that you could trust in real estate? Someone who has their thumb on the pulse of Atlanta real estate, understands real estate contracts like an attorney, yet also has a heart to help people and a commitment to do what is right for clients?

Meet Jason Lapene; His background in business, real estate investing and the legal field, make him a uniquely credible advisor and highly skilled real estate professional. Jason’s clients appreciate and refer him to people they care about because he saves them money, helps them avoid potentially expensive contract blunders and fiercely negotiates favorable home purchase and sales contracts on their behalf.

Jason loves meeting with clients who need help because he is a problem solver. Driven to help clients and people in the community alike, Jason feeds homeless people and gives 10% of his sales earnings to rent apartments for homeless parents and children. Jason loves to give back as he himself experienced a challenge in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina claimed his home and everything he owned.

Friends and clients quickly feel at ease with Jason because of his humility, experience, integrity and competence. Clients trust him because he is committed to fulfilling their expectations.

Jason’s educational background includes studies in real estate and computer information systems at Georgia State University, which host one of the top 10 real estate programs in the Country. 

“Buying or selling a home is the most important financial decision you will ever make. In today’s environment, there are so many things that can go wrong. Contract disputes, ill-prepared representation and lender failure are very common. When you decide to hire me to help you with your real estate goals, you are not just getting an average real estate agent. Negotiating the best deal for you, foreseeing potential pitfalls in contracts and being able to forecast issues before they arise are some of my core strengths. My promise is that I will always put your interest before my own.” – Jason Lapene.

Read what Jason’s clients have to say about his services. Testimonials 


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